Know Your Lingo: 6 Key Terms for Commercial Tenants

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Whether you’re just starting your first company, or looking to expand your operation, navigating the commercial leasing process can be complex and confusing, with few standard rules and lots of complicated jargon. As you begin your search for the ideal office, retail, or restaurant space for your business, here are a few of the most …

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3 Ways to Save on Your Next Office

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Leasing the right office is the ultimate goal for every business. With that search for the perfect space in which to set up shop, though, comes numerous financial decisions: from determining how much rent you can afford to saving for office all of the furniture and supplies you’ll need to help your staff be efficient …

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What to Look for in a Retail Space

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Choosing a retail space for your business requires many considerations. From the square footage and amenities to the lease or purchase price and utilities, you need to carefully review every detail about a prospective space for your company to set up shop. Here are some of the most important factors to contemplate before selecting a …

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Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Restaurant Space

Many people dream of opening their own restaurant. But for most restaurateurs, dreams give way to harsh reality. Studies have found that 60 percent of restaurants don’t make it past the first year, with 80 out of business in five years. While there are several factors that contribute to the success or failure of a …

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